What We Believe

BizHelp is your management partner that specializes in helping companies create a workplace atmosphere of engagement, loyalty, commitment and productivity. Regardless of talent, subject matter expertise and experience, engagement is the single biggest critical success factor, in any effort.

A culture of engagement exists through strong leadership, communication and organizational development and cannot be mandated or purchased. Corporate culture and values have a direct and powerful impact on employee engagement. At BizHelp, we assess engagement levels, help create action plans based on results and work with managers to ensure implementation and follow-up.

According to Gallup, engaged workgroups show higher levels in productivity, profitability, safety incidents, and absenteeism versus disengaged workgroups. Gallup has proven that companies with world-class engagement have 3.9 times the earnings per share growth rate compared with organizations with lower engagement in their same industries.

What is your engagement score?

Some of our Clients

Cindy’s coaching has helped me to transform my professional life. Cindy consistently returns the conversation to the subjects I would prefer to avoid – this has allowed me to identify, modify and grow in these areas. I would highly recommend Cindy to any busy executive who is ready to identify and change behaviors that may be holding them back.
As a company we had to implement large software implementation with multiple teams for a very large customer in US. Cindy had helped coach our teams in US on East and West Coast and offshore development centers in India and Philippines to work as one as if they were in same room. She helped everyone understand the cultural differences in methods of working and got everyone to open up and bring their work issues to table so they can be solved as a team. Individual team leads/managers applied her concepts of team building with their own teams and also got Cindy involved in coaching their teams from long distance. We were successfully able to complete a global software implementation of multiple technologies and business processes smoothly with her help. Her team building exercises are pre-requisites for all our new technology teams and projects.
My EMBA team had the awesome experience of being coached by Cindy Jacoby. As you can imagine, completing your MBA in a team environment is extremely difficult and stressful. Through the guidance of Cindy we were able to overcome many team adversities. She guided us through the formation of creating a high performance team and challenged us to maintain focus through our challenges. Some of the challenges included – dismissal of a teammate, false plagiarism accusation, the addition of a new teammate and of course, the actual MBA academic requirements. Through it all, Cindy provided the right guidance and positive attitude to help us achieve our ultimate goal, our Executive MBA! We couldn’t have done it without Cindy!