Cindy JacobyMBA, MEd, CMC

Cindy Jacoby is an entrepreneur and management consultant who is dedicated to making the workplace a collaborative, engaging and productive place to be. Cindy is a certified coach and has been coaching for over seven years at the executive and managerial levels. She has special experience working with teams and is currently a teaming coach supervisor and lecturer for the executive MBA program at Kennesaw State University. She has served as the managing director of the Entrepreneurial Group of Georgia and was recently appointed to Coles College of Business Advisory Board at KSU and the Pace Academy Alumni Board. Her newest board appointment is to the board of trustees at the Ivy Prep Charter Schools.

BizHelp Consulting works with companies to develop its leaders with a special focus on employee engagement. To the degree that employees are engaged with their work reflects a proven relationship in the core business areas such a retention, customer satisfaction, safety, and productivity. Cindy is a certified professional behavior analyst and offers numerous has the tools to assess employee engagement and make recommendations to improve it, because everyone wants to contribute and be appreciated.