BizHelp offers a customizable 360 feedback survey for city and county managers who wish not only to fulfill their professional develop requirement but to understand from their peers, direct reports, governing boards and citizens where they are excelling and where there might be gaps.

The CCM360 Survey* is customizable and is based on ICMA’s 14 practices of effective leadership. Manager may choose from the following topics and add their own questions.

  1. Personal and Professional Integrity
  2. Community Engagement
  3. Equity and Inclusion
  4. Staff Effectiveness
  5. Personal Resiliency and Development
  6. Strategic Leadership
  7. Strategic Planning
  8. Policy Facilitation and Implementation
  9. Community and Resident Service
  10. Service Delivery
  11. Technological Literacy
  12. Financial Management and Budgeting
  13. Human Resources Management and Workforce Engagement
  14. Communication and Information Sharing

Contact BizHelp and let us design a survey for you.


*The CCM360 is approved by ICMA, but not endorsed by ICMA.